Self Experimentation

It’s always a good idea when you find yourself reading results/claims from other people to remember that we are all different.  Things would be much easier if we could all just know what the right diet is.  We could all do the same workout and be guaranteed results…If it were only that simple.

Be willing to try new ways of eating and exercising.  Gluten doesn’t affect everyone the same way.  A more vegan lifestyle works well for many.  Paleo is useful for lots of people.  If what you’re doing now clearly isn’t working why not try something new?

Juicing Revolution? Juicero…

So the new Juicero is rolling out in California for the time being but when it gets nationwide I think it’s gonna be huge.

Owners connect the the juicer to the Internet, so it can automatically update and send a warning when juice packets are close to expiring, set up a juice pack subscription from the smartphone app, and, once the pack arrives, press the juice pack and drink the 8-ounce glass of juice that comes out.


Been fascinated lately with the whole MovNat movement.  At its core MovNat is a way for people to move more naturally and efficiently though the world.  What’s so great about this program is that it’s truly for everyone because t’s based on our biological and evolutionary history to move as humans.