2017 Reading List

One of my favorite quotes from Dave Grohl:  “I don’t believe in guilty pleasures.  If you fucking like something, like it.”  This is what I like.

On the Shortness of Life: Seneca on Busyness and the Art of Living Wide Rather Than Living Long by Seneca:  A 2000 year old writing that stands the test of time.  Coming in at a concise 47 pages, I’m not sure what took me so long to read it.  It is not that we have a short time to live, but that we waste a lot of it. Life is long enough, and a sufficiently generous amount has been given to us for the highest achievements if it were all well invested. But when it is wasted in heedless luxury and spent on no good activity, we are forced at last by death’s final constraint to realize that it has passed away before we knew it was passing. So it is: we are not given a short life but we make it short, and we are not ill-supplied but wasteful of it… Life is long if you know how to use it.”  

Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers by Tim Ferriss:  This is not a book that is meant to be read from cover to cover, but when I started reading on Christmas I couldn’t put it down.  I love big choose your own adventure style books.  A few of my favorite take aways:  1. Ben Franklin:  “If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading, or do things worth writing.”  2. Maria Popova:  “The culture of news is a culture without nuance.”  3.  Amanda Palmer:  “‘Honor those who seek the truth, beware of those who’ve found it’ [adapted from Voltaire].  A reminder that the path never ends and that absolutely nobody has this shit figured out.”

I love to learn about books, please leave any recommendations in the comments.

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