MOVNAT & Other Stuff I’m Into

This past weekend I got certified to be a MOVNAT trainer.  What is MOVNAT you ask?  It is a system to help people reclaim movement patterns that have been natural for humans since the beginning of time (breathing, walking, running, balancing, crawling, climbing, swimming, lifting, carrying, throwing, and self-defense skills such as striking and grappling).  Why would I need a trainer to “move naturally”?  The MOVNAT system is based on efficiency.  Just because something is natural does not necessarily make it efficient.  As a trainer I can help you work on theses inefficiencies and reclaim years of bad habits.  MOVNAT is different from many “fitness” systems because of the practicality that can be immediately applied to the real world.  I was drawn to MOVNAT and natural movement because it’s fun.  Something evolutionary happens when you can reclaim control over your body and move in nature.

Documentary:  Watched Tony Robbins documentary on Netflix:  I Am Not Your Guru.  It’s hard not to be inspired from one of the most popular self-helpers of all-time.  Everyone will have a different takeaway but as far as docs go this is a pretty good one.

Politics:  This is a long form interview with Gary Johnson the former Governor of New Mexico.  Gary Johnson is running for President and one could argue rather easily that he is the most sensible candidate:  Gary Johnson on JRE.  If you don’t feel like watching listen to the Joe Rogan podcast episode 801.  Gary Johnson is scheduled to be back on the podcast very soon.

Instagram Follow:  Jon Call also known as JujiMufu.  This dude calls himself the anabolic acrobat.  He’s invented this system he calls acrobolix, which basically means the dude is super mobile and really strong.

Quote:  “Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out.”  –The forever quotable John Wooden.

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