5 Things Worth Sharing

  1.  Ryan Holiday wrote a note to his father pleading not to vote for Trump.  “The baffling reality is that when it comes to Trump, it’s difficult to critique him on much besides his personality and (lack of) character — because that is all there is.”  Dear Dad, Please Don’t Vote for Donald Trump
  2. Malcolm Gladwell has a new podcast and it’s pretty great.  If you appreciate a different way of looking at the world you will enjoy this podcast.  Revisionist History
  3. Whether it annoys you or you’re addicted…Gary Vaynerchuk’s (social media expert) take on Pokemon Go.
  4. Finished Phil Knights memoir Shoe Dog.  I did not expect this book to be so eloquent.
  5. Quote from C.S. Lewis:  “Humility isn’t thinking less of yourself, its thinking of yourself less.”




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