The Short Podcast & the Remix

For those of you who enjoy the Star Wars Universe (and lets face it, who doesn’t?) watch this 10 minute video about Everything is a Remix.  This video dovetails nicely with the work of Austin Kleon from Steal Like an Artist fame.

Great piece I finally got around to reading from Ryan Holiday on how Tim Ferriss has become the Oprah of Audio.  For those of you who have listened to his podcast from the beginning Timmy has come a long way.  Those first few podcast were filled with lots of “umms” and other awkward language.  Ferriss has transformed himself into one of the best podcasters around:  The Oprah of Audio.

Staying on the podcast tip…while listening to one of Tim Ferriss long form podcast he interviews Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs.  Probably one of the best interviews I’ve heard all year, super interesting guy with a great voice.  Rowe started his new podcast in March:   Mike Rowe: The Way I Heard It.  He describes the podcast as exploring short mysteries for the curious mind.  The episodes are only 5 minutes long, I guarantee you can’t listen to just one.

I’m always looking for podcast recommendations.  So let me know what I’m missing in the comments.


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