6 Things Worth Sharing

“There is nothing that the busy man is less busy with then living; there is nothing harder to learn.” -Seneca

  1.  6 different kettlebell deadlift variations:  Kettlebell Deadlift.
  2. I wouldn’t normally recommend a book I haven’t read but Ryan Holiday has a new book coming out June 14th called Ego is the Enemy.  Ryan wrote one of my favorite books The Obstacle is the Way.
  3. Really been digging The New Yorker Presents on Amazon Prime.  If you want a documentary series that isn’t a big time commitment.
  4. Sometimes when you feel someone is talking directly to you:  (Seth Godin) Transformation Tourism.
  5. What I’m reading:  The Talent Code: Greatness Isn’t Born, It’s GrownWait Till Next YearThe Legends Club
  6. BONUS:  Just discovered Wheeler Walker Jr.  The internet is a beautiful place:  ***explicit*** Wheel Walker Jr. “Redneck Sh*t” ***

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