yosemitephoto courtesy of mike petrucci

“If you don’t like how things are, change it!  You’re not a tree.”-Jim Rohn

Moving the blog to a once a week format.  Every Friday I will put out a best of…a curation if you will.  Hope you enjoy and get some value from these post.

  1.  Great article in NY Magazine about the mind clearing magic of running:
  2. Finally read Starting Strength by Mark Rippotoe.  Lots of useful basic/no nonsense knowledge about barbell training.  The squat is the single most important exercise performed in the weight room, training the posterior chain.   Been practicing the low bar squat for a few months with positive results.  Would encourage anyone who is a fan of weight training or wants to get into weight training  to check it out.
  3. Love this Joe Rogan article in Rolling Stone:  The Psychedelic Warrior.
  4. Read about the history of physical fitness over at the Art of Manliness by Erwan LeCorre from MOVNAT.  It really is crazy how most gyms used to look like what modern Crossfit gyms look like now.
  5. Just read The Rational Optimist.  So many counterintuitive views on the world.  I would encourage any of you who have overly pessimistic friends or consider yourself a pessimist to give this book a look.  We live in a time with so much prosperity that’s taken for granted by many of us.

“It is precisely because so much human betterment has been shown to be possible in recent centuries that the continuing imperfection of the world places a moral duty on humanity to allow economic evolution to continue.  To prevent change, innovation and growth is to stand in the way of potential compassion.”-Matt Ridley “The Rational Optimist”

Thanks for reading…if you enjoyed please share.

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