$1.60 Race Entry


Race Co-Founder Gary Cantrell AKA Lazarus Lake

Watched The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats its Young last night on Netflix.  Holy shit this race blew my mind.  I remember reading about this crazy race a few years ago and how crazy it was but I had no idea.  The leader/race director is this eccentric fellow Lazarus Lake.  The race is supposed to be a mockery of James Earl Ray’s prison escape in the 1970s in Tennessee.  So many plot twists in this marathon (which is actually 130 miles).  The start time is not announced, just a 12 hour window and a 1 hour warning with a conch shell.  The entry fee is $1.60 but is so exclusive that only 35 runners are allowed to enter.  In the first 25 years the race was held only 10 people finished.  The official race start is Lazarus lighting up a cigarette…the craziness of this race can only be experienced by watching this movie (well I guess you could try to run too)…

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