Oscar Time

This is the first year in a long time that I’ve seen a bulk of the Oscar nominations.  These are my picks even though some weren’t nominated.  These are my picks not predictions.

Documentary:  Winter on Fire/what a story that I had no idea about.

Director:  Adam McKay for The Big Short/to be able to turn a book like that into a movie is impressive.

Supporting Actress:  Rachel McAdams/in fairness I didn’t see any of the other nominees in this category

Best Actress:  Daisey Ridley for Star Wars/not nominated but she was pretty awesome/I thought Saoirise Ronin was really good in Brooklyn too.

Supporting Actor:  Tom Hardy/he was better than Leo, and I didn’t realize it was him until the credits.  I would not be upset if Sly won for Creed.

Best Actor:  Leo DiCaprio/such a tough role without much dialogue, even though I just said Tom Hardy was better, which should speak to how good Tom Hardy was.  Mark Rylance was awesome in Bridge of Spies…This is the toughest category.

Best Picture:  Mad Max:  Fury Road






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